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Bad link previews lead to bad engagement.
MetaShort fixes that.

Customize Your Links, Not Your Code

Control exactly how your links appear when shared, all without modifying your website.

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See the difference engaging links make by monitoring clicks and referals through MetaShort.

Do More Than Ever Before

MetaShort lets you manage your links and make changes to them even after they've been shared.

Say goodbye to bad social media cards

Does the image on the right look familar? If you post links to social media, MetaShort can help you avoid poor link previews like this.

Be in control of your links on social media

MetaShort lets you completely customize how your link looks when shared. Go from no image and bad text to engaging content that you can change on the fly.

MetaShort members can do more.

  • Shorten links
  • Customize social media apperance
  • Save and manage links
  • View analytics
  • Upload images (soon)
  • Customize MetaShort link (soon)

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